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Face and Body treatments

If you come to Bodyspice the first time for a treatment, we always start with a personal intake of half an hour. We then check the skin condition and inquire about your lifestyle, medical background and possible medication use. In addition, we determine your wishes and expectations. Our skin coach then measures the pH value, the moisture and fat content, the pigment content and the sensitivity of your skin with the Skinanalyzer. The intake is necessary to determine which treatment(s) and which products are most suitable for your skin. Taking care of your skin at home, in the right way with the right products, is also a must for the most optimal result. It’s in your and our hands!

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Attention to your feet for a stable base

For foot problems you are also in good hands at Bodyspice. Ingrown nails are expertly treated by us, corns and calluses painlessly removed. Bodyspice has 2 certified pedicures. Romina and Els are pedicure ++ (note diabetic and rheumatic foot) with 19 and 26 years of experience respectively. Every year we provide an update of our knowledge by following various training courses. Important, because on an unhealthy basis, no X-factor can grow.

In addition to the medical part, we can also pamper your feet with a nice scrub, a foot reflex massage and/or we paint your newly groomed nails with the infinity lacquer or the Gel Color from OPI, to complete it!

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