Excessive hair growth exists in all shapes and sizes. One is bothered by it and the other thinks it’s cool.

Severe forms of excessive hair growth are called hirsutism and hypertrichosis. These terms are often used randomly. However, that is not justified.

Hypertrichosis is hair growth that is stronger than one might expect in women of equal age and the same race. This concerns increased hair growth in places where this is in fact normal, such as on the legs and arms.

Hirsutism involves an increase in hair growth in women in places where men in particular have clearly visible hair growth. Think of growth of moustache and beard hairs, chest hair and hair growth low on the abdomen. The hair growth on arms and legs is also more pronounced than ‘normal’ in hirsutism.

These forms of increased hair growth are best treated with laser. Click here for more information.

Increased hair growth is subject to fashion. Just think of the bikini line or armpit hair; now many people take everything away, but in the past increased hair growth was a sign of femininity. We cannot imagine it now, do we?

And then there’s increased hair growth in the face: dark or grey-blond, stiff hairs that suddenly appear on the chin or upper lip, usually around the transition. That does not make you happy either.

Together we look for a solution with resins / waxing or with electric hair removal.

At Bodyspice we wax with Lycon wax. This wax is very gentle on the skin, therefore it makes the treatment less painful and does not irritate the skin. Wax can be used for the whole body including the face.

For the stiff, blond grey hairs in the face or a few dark hairs, we recommend electric hair removal. For electric hair removal you come regularly and undergo multiple treatments. Eventually the hairs will disappear permanently. Sometimes it happens that sleeping hair follicles become active, which causes new hairs to develop again. If you have a lot of dark hair, always go for a laser treatment.

Sometimes we do not offer a treatment, but we do offer good advice!

At Bodyspice we deliberately do not use laser treatment. This is not our speciality. We are in contact with specialized clinics that, like us, provide high quality. This allows us to always give professional advice to help our customers a step further.

If you want to know more about laser hair removal, take a look at the Huidprofessional site.

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