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Hyperpigmentation involves too much pigment in the skin. It may be that your melanocytes produce more pigment (and then you get freckles) or that you have more than average pigment cells (in the form of moles). Pigment may also be present in the dermis (the dermis, which lies under the epidermis). A build-up of pigment-producing melanocytes creates a blue or black coloured birthmark (blue nevus). With dark skin you can see that hyperpigmentation can also be caused by inflammation (pimples).

Together we look for a solution

With home care products you can treat your hyperpigmentation yourself but you will have to have a little more patience for great results. It is best to come and get your boost in the salon and treat it yourself at home after. What works very well is if you first start with home products to properly prepare your skin for the salon treatment. If your pigmentation spots are superficial, 1 treatment with peels, metatherapy or coagulation is often sufficient. Depending on the intensity of your pigments you need more treatments. We will discuss this with each other. The most important thing before, during and after the treatment process is of course good protection against the sun. The sun is wonderful for us but less kind to our skin.

Of course, we are happy to help you find the right approach. You are more than welcome for professional advice.

What treatments do we offer?

Hannah, Juliette Armand and HydroPeptide® all have their own products and treatment method with which we can treat hyperpigmentation well.

During the intake we determine which brand and treatment suits you best and which products you can use as home support. A good collaboration between you and your skin coach gives the absolute best result.

When you come for the first time to Bodyspice, when booking your appointment online, you choose the ‘1st time facial’ so that the intake is immediately included.

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