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A medical beautician is a beautician who has knowledge of the medical aspects of the skin. In addition to the training for beautician, she followed the basic and further education and the Masterclass Dermatology for Beauticians at U-Consultancy. The medical beautician is further trained in the medical aspects of specialist treatments. In addition, she is trained and skilled in handling equipment. Furthermore, she is fully aware of cosmetic ingredients in skin care products.

She is regularly retrained, for example on professional competence and current developments in dermatology The medical beautician can be recognized by the quality label ‘Medical Beautician Dermatology®’.

As a medical beautician, Els specializes in the treatment of acne, increased hair growth and camouflage, among other things. She also has a signaling function, so that various skin problems can be discovered at an early stage. If necessary, your care question can than be followed up adequately with, for example, your own family doctor.

As a medical beautician, Els is registered with:

The Medical Beautician programme meets strict standards set by the government. This is evident from the accreditation of the ‘Medical Beautician/Masterclass Dermatology’ programme since March 2018, by the SNRO. The programme is now registered as a higher professional education in accordance with accredited education. This quality mark is a guarantee of the level and professionalism of this training and guarantees our customers top-notch professional treatments.

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