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Many people suffer from sensitive skin. Sensitive skin is characterized by redness, itching, flaking, swelling and sometimes even small vesicles or pimples.

Sometimes a skin becomes sensitive due to an allergic reaction to food or cosmetics, but more often the sensitivity is caused because the skin is out of balance.

This imbalance can be caused by certain ingredients in cosmetics, extreme temperature fluctuations, too low humidity in your (work) environment, smoking, too much UV radiation, wrong nutrition, stress, natural aging and hormonal imbalance.

From the inside you can rebalance sensitive skin with an adapted diet and/or stop smoking. From the outside, it is best to expose your skin as little as possible to direct sunlight.

Together we look for a solution

In addition to personal advice for recovery from the inside, Bodyspice’s skin coaches also give expert advice on custom products and treatments that restore your sensitive skin from the outside. For this we use the hypoallergenic cosmetics of hannah, Juliette Armand or HydroPeptide® and treatments in which we use Ultrasound, Beauty Angel Collagen and/or connective tissue massage.

It is very important to build this approach step by step for the most optimal result.

Prior to the first treatment, our skin coaches always start with an intake interview and a skin measurement. From there, the skin coach can create a treatment. Togerther we will always find a solution!

We offer these treatments

Hannah, Juliette Armand and HydroPeptide® all have their own products and treatment method with which we can treat sensitive skin well and easily.

During the intake we determine which brand and treatment suits you best and which products you can use as home support. This collaboration between you and your skin coach is guaranteed to pay off.

When you come for the first time to Bodyspice, when booking your appointment online, you choose the ‘1st time facial’ so that the intake is included.

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