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Pedicure – 30
A pedicure for those without too many issues. For example, 1 corn and some calluses or an ingrown nail.
30 min.€ 38.00
Pedicure – 45
Do you have more calluses and several corns? This pedicure is the one for you.
45 min.€ 55.00
Pedicure – 60
If you have a lot of calluses and several corns or nails that need more care, choose a pedicure of 60 minutes. A longer pedicure is also good if you want your feet scrubbed, massaged or have your nails painted. If there is time left, you can choose any of these options.
60 min.€ 66.50
Pedicure – 90
Thinking about how wonderful it will be having nicely groomed feet and how relaxing a comprehensive scrub and massage of your feet and lower legs can be? Choose this treatment!
90 min.€ 88.00

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