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Pedicure – 30
This pedicure is only suitable for customers without too many problems: with 1 corn, some calluses or an ingrown nail for example.
30 minutes€ 38,00
Pedicure – 45
If you have a bit more calluses and/or several corns, you choose this treatment.
45 minutes€ 55,00
Pedicure – 60
If you have a lot of calluses, multiple corns or, for example, nails that need a lot of care, opt for a 60-minute treatment. This treatment is also delicious if you want to end one of the other treatments with a scrub and a massage or leave our salon with tightly painted nails. If there is time left, you can (still) choose this option. We will then look at the possibilities on the spot.
60 minutes€ 66,50
Pedicure – 90
Do you also like to look at beautifully groomed feet and do you love relaxing massages with an extensive scrub of your feet and lower legs? Pick this topper or ask him as a gift.
90 minutes€ 86,50

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