Acne is a common skin problem that does not only affect teenagers. Also adults suffer from acne because of stress, hormone fluctuations or digestive problems. Next to skin treatment it is also important to pay attention to your lifestyle concerning nutrition, for example.

Acne, what it is

Acne is produced by excessive production of sebum by the sebaceous glands. This causes blackheads and/or inflammation in the face, back, shoulders, neck and décolleté. Sebum accumulates in the sebaceous glands of the skin, the skin often also becomes sensitive and can quickly become irritated. The inflammations can also leave scars, especially if you touch them yourself. You do not want any of that; you just want to shine with your beautiful self.

Acne is certainly annoying but with the right guidance often treatable.

What can we solve together?

After an extensive intake, we determine together which approach is right for you. This often consists of a series of treatments at Bodyspice in combination with suitable products for home care. Of course you will get a clear explanation of how you will use the products. Using the right and effective products is important, just like HOW you apply the products. We also pay attention to your diet and lifestyle pattern because they can have an impact on acne. Nice to know; It is entirely up to you if you want to do anything with it, of course.

What treatments do we offer?

With hannah, Juliette Armand, HydroPeptide® and Global Peel Acne we can offer you product lines and treatments with which we can tackle acne. During the intake we determine which brand and treatment suits you best and which products you should use as support at home. When you first come to Bodyspice, you can always opt for the ‘1st time facial’ with which the intake is included when booking your appointment online. A good collaboration between you and your skin coach gives the absolute best and most sustainable result.

Attention! Sometimes an acne treatment is reimbursed by the insurance. Check your insurance policy to see if that is also the case with you and ask your general practitioner for a referral letter. We only provide a declaration invoice if you have acne.

We are registered with the Huidprofessional.

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