Even if you do not want a treatment but want to start with our products, we start with an extensive intake. This is the only way we can find out what really works for your skin.

We start with a number of questions about your health because beauty from the inside feeds beauty from the outside.

That is why we also ask questions about your lifestyle and what you want to achieve with your skin. Then we will use the skin analyzer to measure your skin for lipid, moisture and pH values, erythema (vasodilation) and pigment. We look at your skin and feel the condition of it to arrive at the right combination of treatments and products so you can achieve your dream goals.

Therefore, always choose when booking online for the ‘1st time (hannah or hydropeptide) facial including intake’.

If you do not want to book a treatment and you only need the intake to purchase the right products from us, you can opt for ‘skin analysis’. We do this free of charge if you buy the products from us.


Make an appointment with us via the online appointment system and reserve your place hier.

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