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Dry skin can mean a lack of moisture, but much more often a lack of skin fat, and therefore moisture, is the culprit. How does this work exactly?

You can develop a lack of skin fat as you get older, use drying products or undergo a lot of temperature differences (for example, in winter when the weather is inclement outside, and it is nice and warm inside).

Because there is a shortage of skin fat (lipids), your skin cells no longer connect nicely with one another and the skin is open to, for example, pollution, damage because the cells are smashed, and evaporation of your own body fluid.

Together we will look for the best solution

Using the right products and treatments prevents and repairs the problems.

It is of course important that you give the skin extra cream every day, but then it must also be absorbed properly. Makes sense, doesn’t it? What is often forgotten, is that other (cleaning) products can still dry out. Think of (sun) creams, peels, serums and masks. That is why we look at the overall picture with you and ask what products you use in skin care. Our skin coaches can quickly see whether the products used solve or exacerbate your problem, which often happens. Good sun protection is often forgotten because even when the sun is not shining, UV rays can damage, age and dry out your skin.

What treatments do we offer?

Hannah, Juliette Armand and HydroPeptide® all have their own products and treatment method with which we can treat sensitive skin well and easily.

During the intake we determine which brand and treatment suits you best and which products you can use for home care. Collaboration between you and your skin coach gives the best result and therefore the click must be good because solving a skin problem can also be fun. That is what we go for every day.

When you come for the first time to Bodyspice, when booking your appointment online, you choose the ‘1st time facial’ so that the intake is included.

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