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The skin coaches at Bodyspice bring you HydroPeptide®, a treatment that is not only relaxing, but above all gives immediate visible results. Skin improvement with HydroPeptide® combats the signs of aging and is adapted to your skin’s specific requirements.

This treatment is individually adjusted to your skin and wishes. Whether you have oily, sensitive, or dull, mature skin or pigmentation spots, your skin will be smoother, softer and smoother after just one treatment. With HydroPeptide® you tackle, through Epigenetics, the cause of your skin problems, in order to achieve long-lasting results. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, and your skin has more volume and a radiant fresh complexion. Vitamins and antioxidants give your skin more resistance to external influences. You’ll walk out with skin that looks younger, softer, fresher and therefore radiant. That will undoubtedly lead to compliments!

Do you have a party or important presentation soon, or would you like to see the best version of yourself? Ask your skin coach what a course of HydroPeptide® entails. This treatment gives your skin a true anti-aging boost and restores it after a period of stress or illness. For a lasting result your skin coach will gladly recommend the right HydroPeptide® products for home use.

Did you know 80% of results are obtained at home? Just by using HydroPeptide® products regularly, you will get visible results.

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The treatments:

HydroPeptide® Intense 60 minutes€ 101,50
HydroPeptide® Ultimate 90 minutes€ 131,50
HydroPeptide® Ultimate Plus 90 minutes€ 151,50


HydroPeptide® is the market leader in the field of peptides. Peptides are cell messengers. They are very small molecules that the skin can absorb well. Through Epigenetics, peptides address the causes of skin problems. The peptides give signals to the skin to improve hydration and create building materials that strengthen the skin; they also activate positive points and regulate negative ones. Consequently, lines and wrinkles are visibly reduced. The skin regains its natural glow and looks years younger.

HydroPeptide® uses more than 70 different types of peptides in combination with botanical growth factors, botanical stem cells, vitamins and antioxidants, triple hyaluronic acid, probiotics and natural skin brighteners. This smart mix of peptides in high concentrations ensures great results. That is why HydroPeptide® is in the top 5 of anti-aging brands. This exclusive brand is only sold in professional institutions.

Every HydroPeptide® treatment counteracts signs of aging and is adapted to your specific wishes.

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