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Combat the signs of skin aging with a HydroPeptide® treatment!

Bodyspice’s skin coaches give you with HydroPeptide® a treatment that relaxes while addressing the signs of skin aging. Always adapted to the specific requirements of your skin.

Whether you have oily skin, pigment spots, sensitive skin or mature, duller skin: after just one treatment, your skin is smoother, softer and smoother. With HydroPeptide® you tackle the cause of your skin problems by means of Epigenetics, which gives you long-lasting, lasting results. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, the skin gets more volume and a radiant fresh complexion. In addition the vitamins and antioxidants give your skin more resistance to external influences. Very important, especially now!

Bet you’re leaving Bodyspice with more youthful, softer, fresher and radiant skin?

Compliments assured!

Wow effect

Do you have a party or an important presentation soon? Would you like to see the most beautiful version of yourself? Then ask us what exactly a cure of HydroPeptide® entails. This cure gives your skin a real anti-aging boost and restores the skin even after a period of stress or illness.

For a lasting result, we recommend the right HydroPeptide® products for use at home.

By the way, did you know that your final skin result is 80% obtained at home? For that reason alone, it is good to use HydroPeptide® products at home Because who does not want to enjoy the visibly beautiful results for an exceptionally long time.

Do you want that wow effect, too? Then make an appointment now. You’re very welcome.

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Skin analysis

Do you already want to get started with products at home? Then your upcoming treatment will immediately have much more effect. Then choose a ‘skin analysis without treatment’ in our online calendar. We measure your skin with the skin analyzer, look closely at your skin and discuss your wishes for feasibility. Based on this, you will receive perfect product advice and you can take the products home immediately.

The HydroPeptide® treatments

€ 101,50
€ 131,50
€ 151,50
€ 181,50
€ 225,00

About peptides

HydroPeptide® is the market leader in peptides. Peptides are ‘cell messengers’; these are very small molecules that can be absorbed well by the skin. By means of Epigenetics, the peptides address the causes of problems. Peptides give the skin signals to improve hydration and create building materials that strengthen the skin, they turn on positives and regulate the negative. In this way, lines and wrinkles decrease dramatically. The skin regains its natural glow and looks years younger. HydroPeptide® uses more than 70 different types of peptides in combination with botanical growth factors, botanical stem cells, vitamins and antioxidants, triple hyaluronic acid, probiotics and natural skin brighteners. This smart mix of high concentration peptides gives great results. That’s why HydroPeptide® is in the top 5 best anti-aging brands. This exclusive brand may only be sold in professional institutes and Bodyspice 100% tailors the treatment to your specific wishes.

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