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The latest standard in anti-aging

The combination of four different anti-aging technologies – based on scientific studies – is used simultaneously to reduce lines and wrinkles, increase in volume and lift sagging skin. Without piercing the skin, radiant fresh skin is created immediately visible.

If you understand how the skin ages, you also know how to slow down the aging process. Signs of aging arise because less and less collagen is produced, and insufficient moisture can be stored in the skin. At the same time, the facial muscles slacken, making the skin less firm. Fourtec®, our newest and multifunctional device, tackles these processes in a natural way, making the skin supple, firm, and full again.

This is the sum of 4 technologies that work together to slow down the aging process and to obtain pure relaxation:

Energy-Boost (LED)
  • stimulates the energy production of the cell
  • activates collagen synthesis
  • reactivates elastin fibers
  • fights inflammation aging
  • ‘nourishes’ the skin tissue
Percutaneous Flow Technology (Mask)
  • increases the absorption of active substances
  • strengthens skin hydration
  • stimulates the cells
  • stimulates lymphatic activity
  • activates the facial muscles
Care Current Technology
  • tightens and strengthens facial contours
  • activates the metabolism
  • stimulates lymphatic activity
  • stimulates the cells
  • activates the cell physiolog
Radio frequency
  • improves blood flow
  • activates the metabolism
  • stimulates collagen synthesis
  • increases lymphatic activity
  • strengthens and tightens tissue structures

The Veocel™ sheetmask feeds deep and abundantly

After a wonderfully relaxing treatment, we always end with a completely new, skin-care application mask. This sheet mask is made from the unique Veocel™ transfer fabric that is enriched with an exceptionally high concentration of active substances necessary for the production of collagen fibers and good hydration. Works very effectively against wrinkles.

While you relax, your skin is busy recovering!

As of 25 June 2021, the Fourtec® at Bodyspice. You can already book an appointment so that you can shine immediately and before the summer holidays.

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This treatment can be booked separately or as a cure of 5 or 10 treatments. We are happy to send you more information by e-mail.

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