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Since 1979 hannah stands for skin improvement based on a revolutionary connective tissue massage to enable effective and above all sustainable skin improvement for everyone! The hannah connective tissue massage is a deep, firm and relaxing massage, which is performed by our hannah Skin coaches. We add this effective connective tissue massage to every treatment.

A beautiful massage that removes adhesions in the skin and stimulates blood flow. As a result, nutrients reach the different layers of skin both from the inside and from the outside. Waste products are better disposed of, which ultimately makes the skin look younger and wrinkles become less visible. That is what you want!

The connective tissue massage works for all skin conditions and improves the skin visibly and intensively, especially if it is carried out in a spa. Evenness, shine and condition of the skin improve significantly and therefore the connective tissue massage at Bodyspice is the basis for any kind of skin improvement.

The great thing about this massage is that it can be performed in summer and winter and that you immediately look radiant, and allso that the improvement does not stop after the treatment. The skin is put to work itself and therefore it functions better. Compare it to a train that’s run out of steam, once it’s running it’s unstoppable.

Our advice: it is best to do the ‘hannah connective tissue massage’ as a cure and depending on your skin you will come to us once or twice a week for 8 treatments.

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