Relaxation is not a skin problem, but a lack of it can cause skin problems. Or are you one of those lucky ones with whom there is nothing to improve? Then of course you are always welcome for a beneficial and stimulating, relaxing and caring treatment. A nice arrangement is, for example, the ‘total relaxation’ in which a wonderful back massage is combined with a facial cleansing with mask and a cleavage, shoulders, neck, and facial massage.

Would you rather focus on your face and connected appearance with a good cleaning and removal of impurities, eyebrow modelling and a nice mask with a massage as a closure? Bodyspice offers facial treatment from an hour with attention to cleaning, peeling, removing a few impurities, mask and/or massage. If you have 90 minutes, there is more room for removing impurities, modelling the eyebrows, a more intensive mask or a longer massage Of course everything in consultation with your wishes. Hannah, Juliette Armand, HydroPeptide® and Emotion Skincare all have great and fitting options.

In the online calendar, choose a brand with the corresponding time you have and then when you come to us, we will discuss exactly what we are going to do. Of course you can always call or email us. Also about skin care at home. We are looking forward to seeing you.

If you come to Bodyspice for the first time, book the ‘1st time facial’ online so that we can immediately reserve time for your intake; the basis of (skin) change.

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