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Have you ever realized that your entire body weight rests mostly on your feet? And that when you have sore feet, you often change your posture, potentially leading to back or neck complaints?

Preventive foot care by a professional pedicurist shouldn’t be seen as an unnecessary luxury. At Bodyspice, our professional pedicurists not only provide you with well-groomed feet, they also help improve specific foot problems, such as callus, corns or nails.

Pedicures are great for everyone, but they are an absolute must those who work or walk a lot, athletes, and also for patients with diabetes, rheumatism or dementia, and the elderly.

In many cases, treatments are reimbursed by your health insurer. First consult your insurance policy.

Elderly Foot care

Foot problems in the elderly are often a consequence of age. Skin becomes thinner and any foot deformities will give increasing problems over the years. Those who used the wrong shoes will definitely be punished over time. For example, while a corn can be annoying to a healthy 30-year-old, it can be a huge hindrance for someone older. For those suffering from painful foot conditions, their independence and mobility can be seriously compromised, as well as their sense of well-being. Foot problems in the elderly should be recognized and treated in a timely manner, so walking remains a pleasure.