There are two types of wrinkles: ‘pleasant’ one’s and less ‘pleasant’ one’s!

There are dynamic wrinkles and static wrinkles. Which ones are ‘pleasant’?

Dynamic wrinkles are visible only during mimic movements of parts of the face. Examples are the frown wrinkles, crow’s feet, forehead wrinkles, laughter wrinkles and smoker lines. These wrinkles can be visible from an early age. Some people find laughter wrinkles or crow’s feet ‘pleasant’ because they give ‘color’ to the face; opinions are divided on this and it is up to you what you think of your own wrinkles.

In addition, there are static wrinkles. These wrinkles are always visible even though there is no movement in a person’s mimicry. Static wrinkles are caused by an increased activity of an underlying mimic muscle and by decrease in collagen and elastin. Dynamic wrinkles can eventually also become static wrinkles.

Together we look for a solution

We often cannot and do not want to do much about dynamic wrinkles. These wrinkles ensure your unique facial expression and also give a personal character to your own special appearance. These wrinkles do not necessarily have to be disturbing.

Some people choose Botox or Fillers. These offer a quick, temporary solution, but nothing is done about constructive skin improvement.

Our treatments offer constructive skin improvement

At Bodyspice we mainly focus on the improvement of static wrinkles. We offer the course of treatments with ‘hannah Connective Tissue Massage‘ or Wrinke Reduction Therapy, Dermapen4, or the Fourtec, possibly combined with the Beauty Angel Collagen Lamp, Global Peel or Ultra Sound, we can soften static wrinkles and the conversion from dynamic to static wrinkles can be slowed down. We can also put together a super session of treatments for you that combines various treatments and products in one package for the ultimate result.

Another nice solution for charming wrinkles is a treatment with HydroPeptide®, a treatment that is not only relaxing, but above all gives immediately visible results in the reduction of wrinkles. Our skin coaches know exactly how to treat them, adapted to the specific requirements of your skin, for a result that guarantees you to shine.

With HydroPeptide® you tackle the cause of wrinkles by means of Epigenetics, which gives you long-lasting results. Fine lines and wrinkles are softened, the skin gets more volume and a radiant fresh complexion. The vitamins and antioxidants used also give your skin more resistance to external influences.

Ask your skin coach what a course of treatment with HydroPeptide® emplies. This cure gives your skin a real anti-aging boost. And with the right HydroPeptide® products for home use, your (eye) skin also stays beautiful for a long time.

By choosing professional treatments at Bodyspice you choose to encourage the skin to improve at the cellular level. Your skin will look better and healthier and wrinkles will visibly decrease.

When you first come to Bodyspice, you choose facial treatment for the ‘1st time’ when booking your appointment online so that the intake is included.

Together with your personal skin coach you will become (self)confident!

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