Juliette Armand was brought by hannah to the Netherlands to supplement its product line. Our specialists have been trained in this amazing brand to take your skin improvement one step further.

Juliette Armand offers various possibilities in the field of skin improvement, including through the product lines Elements and Skin Boosters.

The distinctive treatment protocols have been compiled with care, so that products selected for home use have a synergistic effect with salon treatments. Due to their intensity, products are ideally suited for use in a treatment context. If you want more information, please see Juliette Armand’s site.

Juliette Armand treatments

Office treatment

When you’re busy, it’s difficult finding a moment for yourself. But this is a thing of the past with the Office Treatment.

During this short, intense facial, your skin’s cell renewal is activated, fighting the signs of skin aging. The result: radiant skin and a smooth complexion.

€60 per 40-minute treatment


This treatment aims to combat skin irritation by applying soothing ingredients that help the skin recover its natural balance, strengthen its protection mechanism and remain sufficiently hydrated. In addition, Sensi Therapy supports and accelerates the skin’s healing process. It is an ideal treatment for those with sensitive skin or suffer from redness.

€91.00 per treatment.

For the best result, we recommend taking a course of at least 6 treatments for 6 weeks. This is always in consultation with your skincare coach.

Chronos Therapy

You have probably heard of injectables or needling for skin rejuvenation and filling in wrinkles. But this is the latest breakthrough in the world of cosmetics that fights the tests of time without using needles or skin penetration. Chronos Therapy prevents and combats the signs of aging, acting as a protective shield against three enemies: a lack of moisture, biological aging, and oxidative damage caused by external factors.

To this end, an advanced four-dimensional technology has been developed based on four steps:

1 Peeling System – 2 Antiaging System - 3 Hydra System – 4 Antioxidant System

€116 per treatment.

For the best result, we recommend taking a course of 10 treatments (2 per week for 5 weeks). This is always in consultation with your skincare coach.

Apocalypse Therapy skin rejuvenation

It is time to get acquainted with Phytopeeling, a revelation of nature in the world of cosmetics. With this natural medium deep peel, the same results can be achieved as with a deep chemical peel, in which a rapid cell renewal is stimulated. This versatile treatment therapy has been developed based on the powerful exfoliation effects of freshwater sponges Spongilla Lacustris, Spongilla Fragilis and Ephydatia Fluviatilis. This combination strengthens the effectiveness of the treatment of wrinkles, skin discoloration and scars.

This skincare treatment may be repeated a maximum of three times within a 1-month interval. A week after the treatment, you will need to come back for a recovery treatment. It is important to plan a quiet week after the treatment, avoiding playing sports and sun exposure.

€200 incl. Recovery treatment

Apocalypse Therapy Acne

The Phytopeeling can also be used for acne, regulating sebum secretion and shiny skin though a different application.

€111 per treatment.

For the best result, we recommend taking a course of 10 treatments (2 per week for 5 weeks.) This is always in consultation with your skin coach.

Mandelic Acid Therapy

This is the mildest peeling from the Juliette Armand range and can be used in any season. So finally, we can continue a skin improvement peel in the summer!

The peel is suitable for all skin types, including dark skin. It is based on mandelic acid that normalizes the peeling process, and can be used to treat acne, pigment disorders, coarse pores, rosacea and fine lines.

We like to combine it with deep tissue massage for the ultimate result.

€111 incl. Connective tissue massage