Hannah treatments

Our facials with hannah products are always individually determined. It's not important which treatment you choose, but how long you would like to schedule it for. Together, we will discuss what you want and what your skin needs and then adjust the treatment accordingly.

Facial treatments

60 minutes - €91.00 with a Skin Improvement specialist
75 minutes - €105.50 with a Skin Improvement specialist
90 minutes - €120.50 with a Skin Improvement specialist
105 minutes - €135.50 with a Skin Improvement specialist
120 minutes - €151.00 with a Skin Improvement specialist

Almost everyone suffers from acne at some point. A pimple may be ugly, but not problematic. It’s more annoying when acne covers large areas of the face or doesn’t disappear after puberty (it can even appear after your 30th!)

While it’s not proven that acne is caused by eating certain foods, there is a connection. The condition originates when sebaceous glands overproduce excessively, causing pores to become clogged. Our sebaceous glands are driven by hormones, which our nutrition affects. If you delete all sugars from your diet for a while and you’ll often see an improvement. Acne usually happens on the face, neck, chest and back.

Do you suffer from pimples? Stop acne from becoming a serious skin problem and causing unsightly scars by consulting a professional. The skin improvement specialist at Bodyspice treat acne effectively and advise you how to take care of your skin at home. Many health insurance companies reimburse the costs associated with acne treatment. This depends on the policy conditions, though, so check with your health insurance company first.

hannah Acne / depth cleaning
hannah Acne / depth cleaning

With this treatment, the skin is properly cleansed and nourished.

Are you below 20 and suffer from acne? We’ll give you a 5% discount on your treatment and 15% discount on recommended products.

For the discount, please include your ID.

Skin Rejuvenation

Stopping time is impossible. Yet it is feasible to slow down the skin aging process, letting you age in a healthy, radiant way. At Bodyspice, we help you do that naturally, without the use of fillers, Botox or plastic surgery.

The basis for skin rejuvenation is good daily care at home, plus regular maintenance in our salon. We work with advanced products, massages and equipment, helping to make your skin healthier and smoother. Wrinkles and spots disappear or fade. Our techniques stimulate your skin’s regenerative capacity, so it can replenish itself naturally, and its structure becomes finer and firmer.


Hannah Wrinkle Reduction Therapy

Deep tissue massage stimulates skin blood flow, works on the rejuvenation of its structure, reduction of blockages, and strengthening deep tissue. This makes the skin better able to absorb nutrients. When there is poor circulation, wrinkles, blockages or acne can occur. This means that the cell walls can absorb almost no nutrients or dispose of waste. Through deep tissue massage, your skin’s circulation is improved, optimizing your skin’s condition.

With Wrinkle Reduction Therapy, this treatment is even more refined, and works optimally for those with scars, wrinkles and loss of volume. This intensive therapy gives the skin a lifting effect, significantly reduces wrinkles and makes scars significantly less visible!

hannah Experience for skin improvement

A wonderful treatment to get acquainted with hannah’s vision. The treatment starts with measuring your skin’s PH and hydration, so we know exactly what it needs. Then we cleanse the skin, give an enzymatic peel, apply cell active to stimulate blood circulation, do a delicious warm cleansing, and then the famous deep tissue massage.

Book with our skin improvement specialists 120 minutes

hannah and ultrasound
We use ultrasound to stimulate the cells and get them moving. Cells are always in motion, but that movement becomes slower as we age, after illness, from smoking, too much sun or from scars and acne. Getting the cells to move is important for the exchange of nutrients and waste products. Ultrasound can be used for skin rejuvenation, but also for treatments for rosacea, acne or troubled skin.

Complete treatment of 60 minutes.
25 minutes in combination with another treatment. To finish an acne treatment