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Your skin deserves the best care

A medical esthetician dermalogica is a beautician with comprehensive medical knowledge of how skin works. Medical estheticians have been trained in the medical aspect of specialist treatments and know how to skillfully handle equipment. They are fully aware of current developments in dermatology, as well as the cosmetic ingredients in skin care products.

A medical esthetician can be recognized by the quality label Medical Beautician Dermalogica.

As a medical esthetician, I specialize in the treatment of acne, excessive hair and camouflage. I have also been trained to identify various skin problems at an early stage. I can help with skin-related health concerns, and if necessary refer you back to your doctor.

As a medical esthetician I am registered at:

U-Consultancy is pleased to announce its Medical Esthetician/Masterclass Dermatology program has been accredited by SNRO since March 2018 and is registered as an HBO-compliant accredited course.

This means its Medical Esthetician training meets the government’s strict standards.

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