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Is this your first visit to Bodyspice for a facial? We always start with a 30-minute personal intake to check your skin condition, learn about your medical background, and determine your wishes and expectations. Our skin coach measures the pH value, moisture and oil content (sebum) of your skin to decide which treatment and products are most suitable for you. When you’re at home, taking care of your skin in the right way and with the right products is also a must for the best results.

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For pain in your feet, you are also in good hands with Bodyspice. We expertly treat ingrown nails and remove corns and calluses painlessly. At Bodyspice, we have 3 qualified pedicurists, of which Romina and Els are pedicurists ++ (diabetic and rheumatic feet), and Ranangela is a medical pedicurist.

All three pedicurists can help customers with rheumatic complaints and diabetes. Do you fall into this group? You will first need to see your doctor, who determines your Sims qualification and care profile, then a podiatrist, who decides what care your feet need, before visiting us. Please ask us which podiatrists we have contracts with.

If you have Sims 1 and care profile 2 or higher, the treatment is (partially) reimbursed by basic insurance. More information about fees can be found here. Your first pedicure treatment always starts with an intake, which is more comprehensive for customers with diabetes or rheumatism.

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