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Our hannah Deep Tissue Massage is a deep, firm and yet relaxing massage.

Deep tissue massage removes skin adhesions and stimulates blood flow. As a result, nutrients reach the various skin layers from both inside and out. Waste materials are better flushed away, so your skin eventually looks younger and wrinkles become less visible.

Deep tissue massage works for all skin conditions and intensively improves the skin, especially when performed as a series of treatments. The result is obvious visible skin improvement. You see the equalized shine and condition of your skin improve considerably. At Bodyspice, we consider deep tissue massage the basis for every skin improvement.

The great thing about this massage is that it can be performed during the summer and winter and not only will you immediately look radiant, your skin will continue to improve after the treatment. Your skin is put to work and continues to function better. You can compare this to a slow train—once it starts running, it is unstoppable.

Our Juliette Armand treatments Chronos Therapy and Aging Regulator Therapy can also be combined with Deep Tissue Massage / Wrinkle Reduction therapy. It is best to do the deep tissue massage as a series of treatments and depending on your type of skin, we advise once or twice a week for a total of eight treatments.