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Massage is as old as humanity exists. We massage automatically when we rub a sore spot. It is perhaps the oldest form of medical treatment and that already indicates the importance. A massage is also an excellent way to completely relax your body and mind and escape the daily hustle and bustle. Benevolent and refreshing, both physically and psychologically. A massage can prevent and reduce all kinds of complaints such as back pain, stiff muscles, stress, and insomnia. Through muscle relaxation, improvement of body blood flow, better waste disposal and better supply of nutrients and oxygen to our cells. And by having your body massaged, your endocrine system and blood pressure also improve.

The real classic massage focuses on bottlenecks in the back, shoulder, and neck and on other parts of the body that require specific attention. You should give yourself every month a massage, don’t you think? You work hard enough for it. It is time for me-time.

Massage – 3030 minutes€ 38,00
Massage – 6060 minutes€ 71,50

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