It is time to get to know Phytopeeling, a revelation of nature within the world of cosmetics. With this natural medium-deep peel, the same results can be achieved as with a deep chemical peel, stimulating rapid cell renewal. This versatile treatment therapy has been developed based on the powerful exfoliation effects of freshwater sponges Spongilla Lacustris, Spongilla Fragilis and Ephydatia Fluviatilis. This combination strengthens the effectiveness of the treatment in wrinkles, skin discolorations and scars, among other things.

This treatment may be repeated up to 3 times with a break of 1 month. A week after the treatment you will come back for a recovery treatment. It is important to schedule a quiet week after the treatment. No exercise is allowed and the sun should be avoided.

Price: € 215,00 incl. recovery treatment

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