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Foot reflex massage

You’re here: Treatments » Foot care » Foot reflex massage Enjoy a wonderful massage derived from foot reflex therapy. You can choose from an anti-stress massage or a massage to relieve fluid-retention. € 37 30 minutes Make an appointment yourself? Make an appointment


You’re here: Treatments » Foot care » Pedicure Pedicure Minutes Price Pedicure – 30 A pedicure for those without too many issues. For example, 1 corn and some calluses or an ingrown nail. 30 min. € 36.,50 Pedicure – 45 Do you have more calluses and several corns? This pedicure is the one for you. 45…

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Gel lacquer

You’re here: Treatments » Foot care » Gel lacquer The beautiful colors of Caption are even better with this special nail varnish. The biggest advantage is you don’t have to wait an hour before your nails are really dry. Once the varnish has been applied and dried under an LED lamp, you can put your shoes…

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